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Cocoon SDA Care are an exceptional leader in the disability housing space ensuring participants have access to what are truly personalised homes in the right locations with all the right features that deliver both accessibility as well as being warm and welcoming, leaving  a legacy of change across the sector.

What began as a small number of SDA homes in South Australia in 2020 during the middle of the pandemic has expanded to a portfolio now nearing 500 homes in the pipeline, and growing, across the country. Cocoon SDA Care also provides care and support to their clients with varying levels of needs.

Cocoon SDA Care pride themselves on exceeding the NDIS standards for housing with high end amenities and practical solutions including accessible parking, stylish bathrooms, large bedrooms, soundproofing, assistive technology and effective and functional kitchens.

They design and custom build what are true homes that fulfil the dreams of NDIS participants and are on track to contribute significantly to addressing the desperate need for purpose-built disability housing across Australia that is people focused in its planning and delivery.

They are both holistic and human centred in their approach which is why they are a leading provider and much sought after partner by people with disability looking to enjoy independence and autonomy in their lives by fulfilling their dream of living in their own home.

Cocoon SDA Care are proud to listen to the voices of people with disability they serve and have delivered on solutions that are as diverse as the people they serve because they have heard directly what is wanted and needed.

They build their homes close to medical precincts, transport hubs, shopping centres, and community activities so that residents can live their life to the full with every convenience available and readily accessible.

They also offer personalised care that includes 24 hour a day telehealth services, allied health and home doctor services that ensure people with disability have their needs met and can live life to the fullest with all needs addressed as a matter of urgency.

Other features include Intercom in every room for easy access to carers, emergency calling, security and alarm systems, sensor lights, Google Home Assist, temperature control in every room, anti-slip flooring and keyless entry to make accessibility central to the experience of living in their homes.

Cocoon SDA Care also has an online portal called “Visual Care”, for all residents.

This online communication portal provides the ability to send direct messages to service managers, and their national head office. Residents can raise, or escalate, issues in a fast, simple manner that allows for transparency and prompt responses to resident needs.

They have truly put their clients at the centre of the planning and delivery of housing and services and are excited to speak to you at the any of the Developing Australian Communities Disability Connection Expos in 2023 to share with you how you can access your dream of independent, fully accessible, high end living in your very own home.

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