Cocoon SDA Care

We welcome Cocoon SDA Care as a Gold Sponsor for the Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2024.

Cocoon SDA Care is an exceptional leader in the disability housing sector, ensuring participants have access to what are truly personalised homes in the right locations with all the right features that ensure they are both accessible and welcoming.

By also providing care and support depending on each participant’s needs and goals, Cocoon SDA Care are both holistic and person-centred in its approach, which is why they are a leading provider and much sought-after partner by people with disability looking to enjoy independence and autonomy in their lives and home.

Peace of mind for participants is a given in the delivery of their services and safety and security are paramount to the approach they take with each and every person they work with.

With values that embody everything from exceptional care to fun and addressing loneliness, Cocoon SDA Care understands the complexities of living with a disability and the many approaches that are required to address individual needs with functional, practical and all-encompassing solutions.

They are proud to have listened to the voices of people with disability and delivered on solutions that are as diverse as the people they serve, with their homes located close to medical precincts, transport hubs, shopping centres, and community activities so that residents can live their life to the full with every convenience available and readily accessible.

Cocoon SDA Care pride themselves on exceeding the NDIS standards for housing by delivering what are truly homes, not simply a roof over a person’s head. With high-end amenities and practical solutions, including accessible parking, stylish and gorgeous-size bathrooms, large bedrooms, soundproofing walls, assistive technology and practical and functional kitchens, they are a standout.

At Cocoon SDA care they understand that things happen in life and that is why they can quickly provide respite and short, medium, and long-term disability accommodation solutions as required.  Responsiveness to needs is what they are all about.




1800 262 666



Building 10, Level 1,
2728 Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains,
Queensland, 4113



Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2024