The magic of teamwork

Cocoon SDA Care is in the process of building a property portfolio expected to reach over 400 homes over the next 12 months.

To date, they have constructed 102 homes across Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory.

Approximately 323 homes are in the construction pipeline, with completion expected to be towards the end of 2022 to 2023.

As a team, they have uncompromising promises that have, quite simply, become part of their organisational DNA:

1. Care.

2. Safety.

3. Fun, Sports and Physical Activity

4. Systems.

5. Improving Liveability

6. Turning complaints into compliments

7. Filling Loneliness

To achieve their goal of “providing every person with disability endless opportunities to live life to their full potential”, they know that they must first embed this vision within their team.

When their team members are treated with care, integrity, and respect, they can be assured that their participants will be treated the same. Every day, the team have the opportunity to make life a little easier for those who are most vulnerable and to make their day brighter.

That is why they foster a culture of care within the organisation because to give it, we must first live it.

As an employer, they understand the responsibility they have to make sure these opportunities are utilised and that the team are equipped, empowered, supported, and recognised for the amazing work they do, so they continue to bring to work the best of themselves each and every day.

When you have people who genuinely love what they do, they serve at the highest standard and this is where the magic happens. Cocoon SDA Care invest heavily in their team’s continuous development because they know it directly impacts, and enhances, the level of care our participants receive and has lasting results and positive outcomes for all involved.

Meet the team at Cocoon SDA Care and learn about how they can work with you to achieve your independence and autonomy in your own home by attending the Melbourne DIsability Connection Expo on the 21st and 22nd April.

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