You cannot afford to miss out on the biggest Disability and NDIS related event Australia has ever seen in 2024!

With the reboot of NDIS, the Royal Commission, the work being done to improve the sector and recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, people living with disabilities in Brisbane need good service providers and to find them easily. They need you to be where they can find them and present at every opportunity.

At our expos, we don’t do just booths and pamphlets! There will be an online booking system for Participants to book face-to-face meetings with participating Service Providers over the two days to find out more and see who may be a good fit for them. Advertise in our huge event magazine thousands of visitors receive free at the door and for greater impact consider becoming a sponsor.

Exhibitor Price ListAdvertising
3×3 outer – $2,269Quarter page – $329
3×3 inner – $2,879Half page – $589
3×4 outer – $2,997Full page – $997
3×4 inner – $3,375Paid Feature Article – 1 Page – Write Own – $1,199
3×6 inner – $4,497Paid Feature Article – 2 Page – Write Own – $2,098
6×6 open area – $7,979Paid Feature Article – 1 Page – Copy Support – $1,699
9×9 open area – $9,997Paid Feature Article – 2 Page – Copy Support – $2,498
9×9 premium – $12,997Double page – $1,799
** All prices exclude GSTInside Back Cover 1 only $2,379
** All booths include a directory listing in the Expo Magazine.Back Cover 1 only – $2,997

This is THE event for the 2024 calendar!

Alternatively speak with a member of our friendly expo team to help you find the right expo package for you.

Why is this a must-attend expo for service providers?

Increased ability to stand out

With tens of thousands of registered and unregistered providers across the country, participants are seeking to meet with people and build relationships with quality organisations and make those connections in easier ways. Choice and control involves navigating a list of thousands of providers. Expos narrow that search down to hundreds and featured sponsors help narrow that down further. Let’s make it easy for people to find you!

Connect with more Participants

From our huge Magazine free to thousands of people walking through the doors, ‘Ask a NDIS Expert – Support Hub, sponsored by KARE Support Services, to our 1:1 meeting rooms and our online booking system, our expos have been optimised to increase connection and conversations between providers and participants. Pre and post expo visitors can find service providers involved and follow up. Our expo magazine is published online also pre and post expo so that those that need to find the right service providers can.

Increased exposure

Attending as an exhibitor allows you to leverage our PR and Social Media campaigns, which reach over 1.5 million people every month. Our direct National and State press releases throughout the year provide massive exposure for those involved. We always have opportunities to deliver joint press releases with sponsors all year long on hot topics and sector reform to more than 4000 radio, TV, press galleries and journalist contacts nationally. We do a media call at the begin of all events also to attract local TV and journalists to help raise important issues and open with a bang!

Quality time with Participants

Our expos are designed to encourage people to stay longer. From balloon artists, face painters, jumping castles and hair braiders, combined with a spacious floor plan layout, the main feedback we receive from exhibitors is that people are less rushed and they spend more quality time with them. With 10 000 square meters of space, seating, food and entertainment it is a community event people spend time at and often come both days. We don’t do stalls and pamphlets alone.











Products and services you’ll find at the expos

  • Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance
  • Assistance Animals
  • Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports
  • Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education
  • Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement
  • Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements
  • Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • Assistive Products for Household Tasks
  • Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety
  • Assistive Technology and Equipment Registration Groups
  • Communication and Information Equipment
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Customised Prosthetics
  • Daily Personal Activities
  • Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
  • Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood
  • Exercise Physiology and Personal Training
  • Group and Centre Based Activities
  • Hearing Equipment
  • Hearing Services
  • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  • Home and Vehicle Modification registration Groups
  • Home Modifications
  • Household Tasks
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Interpreting and Translation
  • Management of Funding for Supports in Participants’ Plans
  • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities
  • Personal Mobility Equipment
  • Professional Registration Groups
  • Specialised Disability Accommodation
  • Specialised Driver Training
  • Specialised Hearing Services
  • Specialised Support Coordination
  • Specialised Supported Employment
  • Specialist Positive Behaviour Support
  • Therapeutic Supports
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Vision Equipment

Confirmed Service Providers

  • A Better Life Home Care Services Pty Ltd
  • Ability Action Australia
  • Ability Consultants
  • Acacia Plan Management
  • Access Lifecare
  • Accord Care
  • Activate Physiotherapy
  • Adapt Housing Pty Ltd
  • Afford – Australian Foundation for Disability
  • All Abilities Australia
  • ALL Support Plus
  • Alliance Community
  • Allinto Australia
  • Alpha Care and Share
  • \Alvie Pty Ltd
  • Amity Support Services
  • Amplify – Accessible Travel Specialists
  • Anchored Care
  • Anytime Auslan Pty Ltd
  • APM Employment Services
  • Ardent Disability Care
  • Aruma
  • ASAP Solutions
  • ASDA Provider Group
  • Aspire Hub
  • Aussie Angels Nursing Services
  • Australian Communities Pty Ltd
  • Auto Extras Group
  • B With Tourette’s
  • Beacon Support
  • Billy Cart Behaviour
  • BodySmart Health
  • Breakthru
  • BUSY Ability
  • Busy Brains Learning & Astute Therapy Solutions
  • Candeece Coordination
  • Care 2 Cruise
  • Care To Care
  • Carer Gateway – Wellways
  • Carers Plus
  • Caring Hands Health Care
  • Centacare
  • Challenge Community Services
  • Claro Aged Care and Disability Services
  • ClearSky Allied Health (Formerly known as Australian NationalLifestyle Assist)
  • ClubMates Travel
  • Cocoon SDA Care
  • Come and Cook
  • Community Support Pty Ltd
  • Compassion Connect
  • Complete Care Disability Service
  • Complete Healthcare Connect Australia
  • Connect Coordination Qld
  • Corvus Green Distribution
  • Cross Care Group
  • Cross River Rail
  • Devoted Supports
  • Direct Care Resources
  • DIY Invasion
  • DPS Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Dynasty Healthcare
  • Early Star Partners Pty Ltd
  • Easy Healthcare
  • Easy Healthcare – Gala Naming Sponsor
  • Eden Care Pty Ltd
  • EIH Care
  • Empower Healthcare
  • Endeavour Foundation
  • Engage Care Services
  • etrainu
  • Everhomes
  • Everyday Independence
  • eZaango Care Partners
  • Ezy Care Pty Ltd
  • Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre
  • Fit Your Ability
  • Flexiwell group
  • Gem Care Services Pty Ltd
  • Get Readii Group
  • Gold Coast Care Services
  • Good Vibes QCS
  • Great Mates
  • Greenleaf Care Services
  • greyCare
  • GNA Services
  • Guardian Plan
  • Guide Dogs Queensland
  • Harmony Centre Care
  • Haven Care Australia
  • Health Equipment & Consumable Supplies Australia (HECSA)
  • Health n Home Pty Ltd
  • Healthcare Consulting Pty Ltd
  • HELP Enterprises
  • Helping Hands Community Services
  • Holistic Horizons Support Services
  • Holistic Lifestyle Services
  • Home Help Hire QLD
  • Horizon Community Services
  • Hospequip Pty Ltd
  • Housing Hub
  • HV Housing And Accommodation
  • iCare Support Services
  • Ignite Healthcare
  • Indigicare Connect
  • Individualised Lifestyle Support Services
  • InLoop Pty Ltd (Presenting ‘Clickability’)
  • Institute For Urban Indigenous Health Ltd
  • Interact Australia
  • Intrinsic Project Services
  • Ipswich Holistic Community Care
  • Ivory & Deene Pty Ltd
  • Joya Medical Supplies
  • Kangaroo Care
  • KARE Support Services Pty Ltd
  • KCF Engineering Pty Ltd (Action Trackchair Australia)
  • Keen Admins
  • Kite Mobility Services
  • Kuremara Care Pty Ltd
  • Let’s Connect Support Services
  • Life Stream Services Inc
  • Lifetec Australia Limited
  • Living Communities
  • Marco Polo
  • MatchWorks
  • Megalines Insurance & Risk Advisers
  • Mercy Community NDIS Indiv Supports
  • Mobile Attendant Care Service
  • Momentum Collective
  • Mothers Who Care PTY LTD
  • Multicap
  • My Choice Disability Support
  • My Health Team Redcliffe
  • My Kreative Tree
  • My Plan Choice
  • My Plan Manager
  • My Supports
  • My Therapy Crew
  • Myassista
  • MYnd & Me
  • National 360
  • National Positive Behaviour Support
  • Navish Complete Care
  • NDIS
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • OCTEC Employment
  • ONCALL Group Australia
  • Open Minds
  • Peak Plan Management
  • Pebble Community Support
  • PenroseCare Pty Ltd
  • Phil Terry Health Care QLD
  • Platinum Support Australia Pty Ltd
  • Prydes Support
  • Purpose Support Program
  • QDSC PTY LTD Trading as Quilly
  • QLD Rehab
  • Qspec Building Mobility Solutions
  • Queenslanders with Disability Network
  • Quick Response Carers Pty Ltd
  • Real Community Services
  • Recovery Camp
  • Revive Community Services
  • Rise Occupational Therapy
  • Royalty Healthcare
  • SCMB Disability Supports
  • Serene QCare
  • Services Australia
  • Skyring SDA
  • Sleep Electric
  • Smart Service Queensland, Cards and Concessions, Companion Card Program
  • Sporting Wheelies And Disabled Association
  • St Jude’s Disability Services
  • STA Haven
  • Summer Housing Limited
  • Sunbird Home Care
  • Support Services Queensland
  • Swara
  • TAG 5 LTD
  • The Benevolent Society – Disability Gateway
  • The Brain Injury Community Inc
  • The Cliq Connection
  • The Disability Housing Centre
  • The Foot Stop Podiatry Services
  • The Office of Public Guardian
  • The Therapy Collective
  • Thrive365
  • TLC First Support Services
  • Total Development Program
  • Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia Inc.
  • Trevena Glen Farm
  • Unidex Healthcare Recruitment (Unidex Consulting Pty Ltd)
  • Unique StarShine Pty Ltd
  • UnitingCare
  • Velocity Support Services
  • Venture Care
  • Visualcare
  • Wesley Mission Queensland
  • Wheelchair Vehicle Sales
  • Wheelie Good Productions
  • Wisdom Care Pty Ltd
  • World Blind Golf
  • You & Me OT
  • Youngcare
  • Your Unique Support Services

“The expo is for us, because we love to connect with people and this is a better place: this is just a grand place where you can meet with a lot of people, you can make a lot of connections and it’s a very big shout out for our company when we get to show what exactly we are providing and what we are offering.”

“The expo is definitely very good exposure and a very good environment: Open space, meeting different participants. There are heaps of participants asking how to apply for NDIS and also asking what services we can provide. So, we got to help the participants.”

“The expo is beautiful! Lots of people are coming who are desperate (for NDIS solutions). Now I can understand that Brisbane needs lots of services. We’ll be here soon – our office will be here (in Brisbane) soon.”

“It feels like there’s so much more, so many more providers here this year, and it’s really good to see so many different providers providing all sorts of different supports. It’s been amazing, great! Well done guys. Love it.”

“We really, really love this particular expo. There’s something that you guys do that’s really special. I think that whole developing of community just shines through and that’s the most important thing for us: We’re about community all the time, about making sure that our young people are connecting in community and supported and so, we can feel that in this kind of space and we love being a part of it, so, we are really grateful to be here.”

“It’s been a great experience for us because this is the first year participating in this. We tried last year, but we just were too late. So, we’re looking forward to more years, actually!”

“It’s been so busy we have been struggling to keep up, honestly. The great thing about this expo is that we have everything under one roof here. People can come and just explore all different aspects of services, specialised goods etc, so, it’s just great for the people coming to the expo. So, it’s just great for the people coming to the expo. We will definitely be back as a major sponsor next year.”

“It’s been such an amazing turnout. I’ve been so amazed even just by the mood of everybody here. Everyone is so welcoming and so excited about the different options here available. All the exhibitors have been so friendly. It’s been just a wonderful experience so far.”

“Oh, it’s amazing. It’s so refreshing to see a consistent stream of people coming through… every one I’ve attended it’s just getting bigger and better as we go. So well done. Great job. And we love being here. It’s been very busy and you know we just love seeing familiar faces and helping people get the support though they need, or at least give them information to get the support they need.”

“It’s been awesome, we’ve met so many great people, and a lot of participants have come up to say hello. We’ve actually found a lot of people coming over just to ask generalised questions. Sometimes they’re just not quite sure on who to actually talk to, so they’ve come, taken a seat and we’ve just been having a bit of a chat about what supported independent living actually is, and what short term accommodation is as well, because some people are not quite sure what the difference is. It’s been great really talking to the participants and their guardians as well around that.”

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather for our event and pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that attend any of our events.

Creating A Voice for the Disability Sector

ENHANCING AUSTRALIA’S DISABILITY SERVICES ONE STEP AND EVENT AT A TIME – At Developing Australian Communities, we believe that working closely with Service Providers, Carers and Participants through our events will ensure that the much-needed change in our sector will be provided for the betterment of the services in our sector. Learn more about us and our dreams for our community.

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