Chill out and discover new paths at Brisbane Expo!

April is World Autism Month, so to round the month off, why not head to the Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2022, Sponsored by Holistic Horizons, and find out more about what Code Blue for Autism’s Chill program is all about!

In the absence of any suitable social skills programs for her son, Helen Whelan researched and founded the Brisbane business Code Blue for Autism, five years ago almost to the day.

It was established to design and develop social skills coaching programs for young adults 18 + on the autism spectrum called Chill.

Chill, a registered NDIS provider, is a series of weekly workshops that uses evidence-based curriculum, peer mentoring and creative play for young adults on the spectrum who need coaching and support with social skills.

The Chill curriculum focuses on the social skills that young adults on the spectrum universally find challenging. These are called Chill skills and include:

  • Active listening
  • Reciprocation
  • Trading information to find common interests
  • Asking the right questions
  • Starting a conversation
  • Ending a conversation
  • Small talk
  • Good body language
  • Compliments
  • Handling a disagreement
  • Saying yes | saying no
  • Speaking on the phone
  • Accepting rejection
  • Good energy
  • Organising a get together with a friend

Code Blue also has Peer Mentors where experienced peer mentors (male and female) are assigned participants based on shared interests. Code Blue’s peer mentors understand that every young person with ASD is different and has unique needs.

Their peer mentor team strives to provide each participant with individualised support to enable optimal social growth.

Wow! We can’t wait to find out more about these programs. Look for the passionate team from Code Blue for Autism at site 73 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, 10am-4pm daily!

It’s not too late to register for FREE ENTRY. Head to for more information.

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