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Community Housing Limited is  a proud Gold Sponsor of the upcoming Perth Disability Connection Expo on the 25th and 26th August which will draw crowds in the thousands, providing participants the opportunity to learn more about how to make the most of their NDIS plan and live their very best lives. Don’t miss your chance to experience this amazing event. Register here.

Community Housing Limited don’t just build houses but create homes that are safe, secure and sensational.

On the 30th of March 2023 two incredible gentlemen who are receiving support services from CHL’s partner Activ Foundation, moved from a large 10 bed duplex with numerous house mates  into a delightful, quiet and serene 3 bedroom home that truly felt like a place they belonged.

Each of them has a beautiful large bedroom and their own ensuite bathroom giving them space, privacy and a sense of ownership of their space.

All the gentlemen living in the home are quiet by nature which enhances the sense of peace they are all able to enjoy.

They take pleasure in each other’s company but also love the quiet downtime in their very own rooms.

In their previous abode with multiple clients many were very loud. These gentlemen often felt their space was being intruded upon, they would be teased and, most days there was some form of drama which significantly impacted everyone in the residence and was detrimental to their wellbeing.

Both of them were for the most part were on their guard and anxious awaiting the next fracas, frustration and most seriously, the resultant behaviours of concern.

This was especially the case for one of the gents, Roland Ingram, who would find the noise level and blatant teasing from one particular fellow housemate hitting  very personally and Roland would become anxious,  which would quickly escalate to frustration for him.

Roland would most days end up shouting and swearing at his fellow housemate, followed by pacing the house and then isolating himself in his room with the door closed not wanting anyone to enter. It was unhealthy and impacting on his ability to live a fulfilled life.

Roland would regularly seek staff intervention as well as reaching  out weekly to the team leader to discuss the constantly recurring incidents and what could be done about it.

Roland had a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBS) in place to help guide him and the staff through his escalations in an effort to assist Roland to calm back to a baseline following each incident. Some days this simply wouldn’t work and Roland would re-escalate just from seeing the other housemate.

Roland had regular fortnightly PBS meetings with his practitioner, for the past few years, but we can proudly share that during his June 2023 plan review it was discussed and decided that Roland no longer requires fortnightly meetings and many of his behaviours of concern can be removed from his PBS plan because now he lives in a home with like minded individuals and his own very own space.

This new SDA home has given Roland back his peace of mind, he is now relaxed and has had no major escalations or demonstrated  behaviours of concern.

He enjoys sitting out in the lounge with his 2 housemates, interacting, engaging and watching TV. He no longer paces the house and when he goes to his room it is for an afternoon nap and some relaxation.

There is a lot of laughter in the house and when Roland sees his team leader the conversations are now about how good his day has been and what he is looking forward to tomorrow.

One of the most amazing and clear indicators that Roland is feeling safe and content is that he never shuts his bedroom door. It is always open, even during the night when he is sleeping, this is such a wonderful turnaround and Roland is truly a new man.

The environment of this new SDA home, how it feels and has been  designed, the outdoor area and the opportunity to visit the other homes on site where friends also live has offered the residents a safe space to live their best lives (there are 8x 3 bedroom SDA homes on the same site).

The move into these beautiful SDA homes has been incredibly positive and successful and will only get better over time as more residents experience the joys of their own space and a beautiful home.

CHL works in partnership with Activ Foundation who provide support services to their SDA customers.

Come and meet the friendly team from Community Housing Limited at the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2023 on 25th and 26th August at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Don’t forget to register!

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