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Amy has never been happier since finding Felicity Holistic Care in Geelong.

Before Felicity Holistic Care, Amy was living in regional Victoria in shared accommodation.

While the house she occupied was fine – the problem was the other five residents were a lot older than her.

This was not a good match for Amy, and she was not happy.

Amy’s support coordinator found Felicity Holistic Care from the accommodation hub and Amy needed to move urgently – this looked like it was a perfect match and there were less clients.

Amy says the carers supporting her are great, and she can relate very well to them.

“We had a lot of one-on-one time with carers due to COVID-19 restrictions and during that time I found it very easy to communicate and get along with them and even the admin staff are easily accessible to communicate with,” Amy said.

And her family is also delighted.

“We still live regionally, but distance doesn’t concern me anymore because Amy is in good hands,” her mother said.

“Every time I talk to any of the Felicity Holistic Care staff about Amy’s support, I feel comfortable as the staff welcome my input in Amy’s care with respect and appreciation.”

“The main difference now is that staff are always available to assist Amy, which was not the case at the previous place.”

“This has made me and her dad much happier and relaxed.”

“Amy is getting along very well with the other residents, and we are so happy because the house and the support makes it feel like a home.”

Amy and her family’s comments are reflected in comments by other participants and relatives about Felicity Holistic Care’s staff, services and support.

Support Coordinators also could not speak highly enough of the care workers.

Support Coordinator said – I am impressed with the way your carers treat Amy. They treat Amy very nicely, with respect and with empathy. They supported her properly while taking her out to the community. They followed my instructions well. And importantly I think Amy likes them too.

While the therapist added – I wanted to say your support worker has been great at looking after Amy and working with her challenging behaviour. She handles situations calmly and is always supportive.

Amy was thrilled by the possibilities of what she can do. The carer had all the care details of her which made it easy for everyone to get through her first day of support!

Felicity Holistic Care is a registered NDIS care provider, offering services from support coordination, plan management through to supported independent living , respite care and community participation throughout the Geelong and Werribee regions.

Felicity Holistic Care offers the care you need at your stage of life. They partner with you, ensuring you can choose how they support you according to your unique needs.

Felicity’s carers are trustworthy, reliable, and respectful that they are supporting you in your home.

The company’s service is always friendly, personalised, and attentive.

Contact them today to find out how they can be of service to you.

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