Giving Care Above and Beyond

24/7 Care Disability Services and Activity Hub offer Community Access, Daily Living, STA, a dementia support group, and handyman services. The organisation operates across the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and The Hunter Region They are all about taking a different and more inclusive approach to client support so that their voice is heard at every step of the way along the continuum of care.

This is certainly true in the story of Daryl Batcheldor, an amazing story of support and going above and beyond by this organisation.

Daryl’s sister, Lynne Warner, has such high praise for the staff at 24/7 Care Disability Services and Activity Hub, and especially staff member Sarah MacRae and her team. Lynne says, “Sarah has been an integral part of my brother, Daryl Batcheldor’s life for 19 years.” Sarah first met Daryl at the Kanangara Centre at Morisset Hospital and “went out of her way to enable Daryl to still attend Day Care Services with his mates once he was moved to Wyong, which was the first time Daryl had experienced life in a community home.”

She reports that Sarah and her staff members excelled in this transition.  She says, “the only place Daryl was happy, well cared for, encouraged, fed properly and loved was with Sarah and her team.”  Lynne says, “After 12 months of my brother being mistreated in another home, Sarah and her team supported and assisted our family in finding a more suitable placement for Daryl.”  She says that ‘without her knowledge of service providers, support and care, my brother was in a dangerous situation. Lynne adds that “Daryl’s move to Station Street, Bonnells Bay, was seamless due to the hands-on assistance Sarah gave. She arranged for transport of Daryl and all his belongings; she arranged a new bed and mattress and gave lots of smiles and encouragement for both Daryl and me.  Daryl was able to still attend Day Care Services with his mates and familiar staff members.”

Lynne says “Sarah and her team at 24/7 Care Disability Services and Activity Hub, provided musical instruments for Daryl, his favourite being a drum kit. Headphones helped give him a great passion for music and a piano let him express his musical talents. They encouraged Daryl to sing and dance.”  The team regularly sent videos and photos to his family to share what Daryl’s latest tricks and achievements were.  Lynne says, “Sarah and her team knew when Daryl was tired, overstimulated or just cross, and handled these situations with great professionalism and care”. As a family we felt secure in the knowledge Daryl was ALWAYS safe with Sarah and her team. They were always aware of Daryl’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.”

Lynne adds “Sarah took Daryl regularly to church to enable him to share the service with his family and enable him to follow his Christian beliefs. Daryl was also taken on holidays to visit our elderly aunt in Bathurst. All this was arranged by Sarah.”

Lynne highlights that one of the many attributes of Sarah and her team was inclusion.  Daryl was always included in activities, outings and encouraged to spend time with his old mates from Kanagara.  Birthday parties were celebrated and Daryl’s favourite time of the year, Christmas, was a magical time for him and our family at the Day Centre: “We were always invited and welcomed at the Centre, and it was amazing to be part of that incredible group, giving us the experience of really knowing staff and participants and sharing the love and generosity of these people.”

Lynne adds, “In November 2022, Daryl was hospitalised.  Hospital staff could not meet the enormous emotional needs of Daryl.  Sarah and her team stepped in with such generosity, compassion and tenderness and cared for Daryl 24/7 for a fortnight until his passing.  Sarah and her team brought Daryl’s friends to his funeral service to say goodbye to Daryl and show their love and support for me and our family which was so touching and thoughtful.”

Lynne’s appreciation of Sarah is summed up by her words, “Daryl’s life, mine and our family and friends’ lives have been enriched by this sensational woman and her team. We are forever grateful.”

To meet Sarah and her team that go above and beyond, visit them at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2023.

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