Hireup backs Queensland powerchair footballers

Hireup is part of the national powerchair football championships action in Sydney recently.

Hireup, along with other organisations, has sponsored two Queensland powerchair football teams so they could attend the nationals at the start of May.

The company – the brainchild of brother and sister team Jordan and Laura O’Reilly – is the largest online network of support workers in Australia.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)-registered provider has support staff available across all states and territories of Australia and will be one of the 200-plus exhibitors at the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022 later this month!

Queensland player Tristram Peters describes powerchair football as a modified version of football or soccer that enables people with disabilities to participate in a competitive team sport.

“So we play these Mad Max style go-karts that allow us to hit the ball around the course,” he said.

“And the great thing is that it’s not a disabled sport. It’s just a sport. And that’s the beauty of it.”

“What we love is coming to these competitions because we can test ourselves against the best.”

“And it’s been two years since we had the last one. It’s great also being part of this amazing community of all these other athletes throughout Australia.”

Tristram tells Hireup it’s great to get back together and share stories, reminisce and get back on the court.

Hireup’s head of community engagement, Steph Lorenzo, says it was important to sponsor the two Queensland powerchair football teams to attend the national titles, especially given Hireup clients were competing too!

“Representing your state in a sport is a great achievement, so when the opportunity came to be part of a local network to support the two Brisbane powerchair football teams to attend the national games in Sydney, we were excited to be part of it,” Steph said.

“Through Hireup we hear about so many incredible goals that clients are working towards.”

“To be able to compete at a national level against other powerchair football teams across Australia is unique and incredible!”

“We were also really happy to learn about this opportunity from two clients of Hireup who play in this league, so it really was a win-win.”

“We’re so incredibly humbled by the support of Hireup and others to be able to get down to this competition. Without them, we would almost find it impossible to get here.”

“So they’re genuinely making our sporting dreams a reality.”

There are plenty of community events happening across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the Hireup community – check out their activities at www.hireup.com.au/events to find out more!

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