How a message on Hireup sparked a trip to Singapore

A connection made through Hireup has lead to an amazing partnership and even a trip to Singapore!

Mat joined Hireup in 2018 after receiving his first NDIS package.

As a busy CEO and business founder, board member, disability advocate, community adviser and football fan, he was hoping to find someone to support him with cooking, shopping, help around the house and at business conferences and meetings.

After using the Hireup search function, Mat met Chelsea, who has been his support worker, travel buddy and sous chef ever since. This is their story.

“I haven’t had support workers previously, this is my first time,” Mat says.

 “I felt for many years growing up as a kid and then moving out of home that there was still something missing.”

Together, Mat and Chelsea work on various aspects of Mat’s professional career, including writing, note taking and meetings, as well as on his business, Nature Freedom, which gives opportunities to young people with disability through environmental programs and outdoor activities.

A recent highlight for them both was a trip to Singapore where Mat was speaking at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference.

“Singapore was an amazing trip and I had Chelsea come along, so it was really fun to do something like that together,” Mat says.

“With Hireup, I’ve been able to save both money and time … I like to have somebody on my side, in having conversations with people and taking notes on action items”.

As a disability support worker with plenty of experience, Chelsea loves the connection that her and Mat have built on Hireup.

“It’s a genuine interest that we have for each other,” she says.

“Like being a professional friend in some ways… it’s nice to know when someone’s birthday is or what their favourite food is.”

“Being able to go with Mat and see his presentation was really interesting … and it was probably one of the best professional experiences I’ve had.”

Since Hireup, Mat believes he’s found what was previously “missing”.

“People often don’t get choice or lose their personal independence, but with Hireup it feels more like a democracy,” Matt says.

“It’s the technology that changes the way and ability that I have to pick and choose someone who I will get along with and will help me. “

“Chelsea has given me a lot of confidence; she really lights me up.”

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And check out Mat’s Nature Freedom business at .

*Material supplied by HireUp

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