Lived Experience Leading To Transforming Lives

The GR8 Property Disability Housing Team are thrilled to be Gold Sponsors of the Perth Disability Connection Expo, sponsored by St Jude’s NDIS, to be held on the 25th and 26th August at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

GR8 Property is pioneering the future of Disability Housing through the building of  “Fit-For-Purpose” Homes.

Ian Barr, the visionary behind GR8 Property’s NDIS Housing, states, “We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves to live in a home that not only meets their needs but also enriches their quality of life, our houses are more than just buildings; they are personalised spaces that empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.”

Ian has known disability his entire life. Long before Ian was born, his father had an accident with a gun that resulted in a bullet lodging in the left-hand side of his father’s brain which was unable to be removed.  This resulted in paralysis to his right side but he did not let it stop him. A young Ian, born after the accident, has profound memories of his father farming with determination and dedication. Ian’s father lived with that bullet and his disability until he was 87 years old.

Ian’s niece Therese was born with an intellectual disability following birth complications and he was involved in the early stages of her therapies.

Having lived with disability as a child, Ian could never have imagined living it as a parent, yet one cold, rainy winter night would bring to fruition that very reality.

Jeff, Ian’s youngest son, was seriously injured in a car accident in July 2012 and knew he was in trouble when he regained consciousness and couldn’t get out of his crumpled car; he had broken his neck and was paralysed from the chest down. It took seven hours for help to arrive as he couldn’t reach his phone and was at the mercy of waiting for a passing motorist noticing the wreck in which he was trapped and stopping to offer help.

After months in ICU, neck surgery and a long road of rehabilitation, Jeff strengthened his right arm enough to drive and live a mostly independent life.

For Ian, living through this was a challenging ordeal, particularly as they lost Jeff twice in the early days of his ICU care.

The family has come to terms with the strong presence of disability in their lives and for Ian it is his motivation and passion to not just improve the lives of people with disability but transform them through housing that enables them to live their best lives and have the opportunity to “Fulfil Their Full Potential”.

Ian’s involvement in GR8 Property has led to an approach to NDIS housing that is based on their “Hierarchy of Importance”, being, Participant 1st, Delivery of care 2nd and Effective Property Management 3rd.

Ensuring the property design and standard goes above and beyond regulated standards, GR8 Property takes the time to understand the unique needs of their clients, design homes that cater to specific requirements and to create living spaces that promote independence, safety, and comfort.

Come down and meet the GR8 team in Perth in August to discuss your housing aspirations and find out how they can help you bring those to life.

You can register here to join us.

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