Petition calls for drastic cut to hospital and housing waiting times

A petition is calling on the Federal Government to end bureaucratic delays and take immediate action to give young people and others living with disability access to the housing and supports they need.

The Down to 10 Days petition was launched by an alliance of organisations working together to get people with disability the housing and support they need and to help young people with disabilities find appropriate accommodation, quickly.

They demanded action after claiming there are “thousands people with disability who are stuck simply waiting” for help they desperately need – sometimes for months and months on end.

The alliance claims thousands are waiting for hospital and nursing homes beds and are at home with their families who are unable to care for them.

There are many waiting to be able to live in a home that meets their needs, like everybody else and waiting for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support they are entitled to, according to the petition creators.

On the Down to 10 Days petition website, it states Australians with disability are waiting months to receive the funding they need from the NDIS to access appropriate housing.

For senior Australians in hospital, it takes just a few days to receive approval for funding for aged care.

It claims there are more than 1100 Australians with disability are stuck in hospital, ready for discharge but unable to move because they are waiting for the NDIS to process their paperwork and approve funding for their support.

More than 50 young people living with a disability are forced into aged care each month because they are waiting for NDIS funding to enable access to appropriate housing, the alliance states.

The alliance is coordinated by the Summer Foundation with many partners in the community – see them all here.

To join the alliance in their call to end the months of delays, head to

Sign the petition to show your support for getting young people with disability out of unsuitable places and into living in the,

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