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Blue Star Homecare Services joins us as a Gold Sponsor of the Melbourne DISABILITY CONNECTION EXPO 2022 in January.

They have a saying at Blue Star – Our journey starts with you – and they would love to meet participants on their NDIS journey at the expo on January 18 and 19 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Their person-centred approach sets them apart from other NDIS providers, as well as having a team that understands their participants.

They know every person and every situation is different. Whether in need of care at short notice, Short-Term Accommodation or Supported Independent Living, they will connect with participants, their family and friends to create a service that truly works. They have a vast range of services and qualified staff to help. Blue Star offers:

Community participation: Individual and group community participation activities are provided to participants to help build confidence and social skills within the community.

Accommodation and Supported Independent Living: They provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) services to help participants live independently.

Support Coordination: They help with managing and understanding NDIS plans, as well as finding service providers, supports and products that best meet individual needs.

High intensity activities: Their team can connect participants with allied healthcare professionals to help with high intensity daily personal activities for people that have complex needs.

Community nursing care: Blue Star Homecare has an experienced team of registered nurses available to provide quality delivery of specialist care, including any high care needs, as well as responding to any complex needs.

Personal in-home care: Their carers provide support at home and assist with showering/bathing, dressing, grooming, gardening, personal hygiene, eating and much more.

Therapeutic supports: They are able to provide therapeutic supports and tailor an approach to treatment that helps to achieve their participants’ goals.

Daily tasks/shared living: To help participants maintain their independence, Blue Star offers help with essential and necessary household tasks: these include toilet assistance, laundry, bathroom cleaning and garden maintenance.

Support coordination: Support Coordination helps build the capacity to act and live independently. This includes empowering participants to access and co-ordinate their disability supports.

Innovative community participation: To help participants build skills to actively participate in the community, Blue Star offers a wide range of support services, including developing life skills, such as, public transport training, help attending appointments, shopping and bill paying, recreation and leisure activities, personal interest activities, including art, woodwork, beauty, cooking and volunteering and supported holidays.

Blue Star Homecare Services sees participants and their potential. They listen and work with participants and their support network to create a plan that best suits individual needs and lifestyle goals.

Visit their booth at the Melbourne expo to meet their team of experts and help get all the answers, products and services you need on your NDIS journey!


1800 880 990


12 Dimboola Road Broadmeadows VIC 3047
Suite 2/13 Stubbs Street, Kensington VIC 3031
Level 5, 12 Clarke Street, Sunshine VIC 3020