Welcome to the sponsor family Bradannii! Brandannii has joined us as a Platinum Sponsor for the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022.

NDIS registered provider Bradannii designs and delivers support services and helps people living with a disability to live life on their terms.

The Sydney-based organisation was founded in 2015 and understands how important it is for participants to get the support they need, from a team they can trust.

The dedicated team at Bradannii caters for participants with unique needs and gives them a voice to really be heard and have all of their needs met as an individual.

From plan management to community access and capacity building programs, Bradannii is focused on each and every individual participants’ needs.

The Bradannii staff know how important it is for everyone to feel independent, get the best support and have the ability to make decisions for their own wellbeing.

If you’re living with a disability, the world can throw extra challenges at you – this is where Bradannii can help.

Bradannii offers the following services:

Core support

  • Personal care
  • Yard and garden maintenance
  • Understanding individuals’ situations
  • Ability8 Activity Information System (Ability8 is an app to help participants manage their disability journey by giving a transparent view and control of agreed support activities.)
  • Domestic assistance
  • Capacity building for social and communication skills

Capacity building support

  • Support coordination
  • Therapeutic support
  • Plan implementation and management
  • Supported independent living
  • Group activities
  • short/medium term accommodation
  • Finding and keeping employment/volunteering opportunities

Bradannii was inspired by two determined, positive young people – Bradley and Dannii – whose founder Julie Allison worked with as a T-ball coach in the 1980s.

“Their sheer determination, positive outlook and love for life was unparalleled,” Julie said.

After they passed away, aged only 12 and 13, their loss made Julie more determined to start this new company and partner with people from all walks of life to assist them with discovering their purpose, “as we all have one”.

“Where there is life, there is hope!,” Julie said.

“I am honoured to be able to remember Bradley and Dannii. Their spirit has been injected into this company, creating a diverse, strong and caring ethos and culture within all arms of our organisation.”

Developing Australian Communities is proud to have Bradannii as sponsors at the Sydney event, where thousands of visitors are expected to attend.

Find out more about their services, how Brandanni can help change your life and meet the dedicated team at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022 Presented by Afford, at the International Convention Centre on February 4 and 5.



1800 314 410


PO Box 345 Winston Hills NSW 2153