Brighter Living

We welcome Brighter Living as the SDA Specialist Hub Partner of the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2024.

Brighter Living Australia (BLA) is a National Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider with over 20 years of lived and advocacy experience.

They are guided by participants in upper management. Their mission statement is to “Create Homes Where Every Ability Shines”; their homes are built with a participant lens, and they aim to create the best home and living experience possible.

At Brighter Living Australia, the participant comes first. Brighter Living Australia provides the best home and living experience that is possible to participants. They impact the Disability Sector by creating homes that they know will be desirable, in locations where amenities are convenient to the participant.

They also create homes where a participant’s voice has influenced the home in some way; whether that be during the design process, or during the procurement process where investors are looking to add a wow factor to their home. They do this by ensuring our Chief Operating Officer Brendon Woolf is involved consistently.

Brendon has 39 years of lived disability experience, and 4 years of SDA experience, so Brighter Living Australia understands that his voice matters. The founding director and CEO of Brighter Living Australia, Brad Fuller also encourages participant involvement, by asking people to “See through the Eyes of the Participant”.

The aim for both Brendon and Brad is to enhance the participants’ home and living journey. They started this process with the mission to ensure that ‘every participant has a roof over their head’, as they both understand that housing is a basic human right.

This mission extends to Brighter Living Australia’s ethos, as the business promotes the long-term positive impacts that appropriate housing can have on the lives of participants which include:

  • Improvements in the capacity of participants to be more independent.


  • An overall improvement in quality of life through increased choice, improved safety and stability, and by matching the needs of participants with their accommodation solutions.

With advocacy, lived experience and property experience forming Brighter Living Australia, Brighter Living Australia can “Create Homes Where Every Ability Shines”.

Brighter Living Australia encourages participants to approach their disability hub at the expo, and are looking forward to meeting every one of you to discuss your SDA funding, your home and living outcome or your ideal home.

You never know, your ideal home might be a Brighter Living Australia home! 



1300 252 732


Level 1/376 George St,
Brisbane City
QLD 4000, Australia


Specialist Hub Partner