Out Doors Inc.

We are proud to announce Out Doors Inc has joined us as a Gold sponsor at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2022!

For more than 30 years, Out Doors Inc. has been providing outdoor adventure and recreational programs for better mental health around Australia.

The team’s experienced, qualified program coordinators deliver programs that include bushwalking, bike riding, rafting, hiking, cross-country skiing, rock climbing and abseiling, surfing, and creative programs that includes bush art and music as a means of providing rehabilitation, skill development and integration in the community.

The company is registered to provide support for NDIS participants and can provide support to people with mental health issues, their families, and carers across Australia.

Out Doors was founded in 1987 with almost nothing and has grown to a strong, vibrant, adventurous team today.

It was started by several people primarily working in mental health who had a strong interest in recreation, play and outdoor adventure.

They also had a belief that these elements are valuable parts of a holistic approach to personal development and mental health as well to help integrate mind, emotions and body.

Out Doors helps people out of the door and enjoy outdoor activities with like-minded people for better mental health.

Out Doors has years of experience working with various cultural groups and communities, specialising in education and skill development in a social, practical and less structured environment. The group’s programs improve learning outcomes as well as the overall wellbeing of people who are vulnerable and in need of support.

Out Doors was established for the following purposes:

  • To develop, organise, conduct and evaluate services to improve people’s mental health, with particular emphasis on people with a psychiatric disability.
  • To use outdoor adventure education as the main vehicle for providing rehabilitation and integration.
  • To develop, organise, conduct and evaluate education and training programs for people involved in improving mental health.
  • To provide an information, referral, resource and research service.
  • To promote the value of outdoor adventure education, recreation, and peoples mental health needs.

In December 1989 after two and a half years of lobbying, Out Doors was successful in obtaining funds to run a project called Going Places, which started as an outdoor program with no paddles, canoes, tents, sleeping bags or any other outdoor gear.

Equipment was borrowed and hired from many generous organisations and staff clocked many kilometres in their own vehicles until 1993 when the organisation was able to secure a vehicle through funding.

In 1993, Out Doors took on the auspice of a new, Sport and Recreation Victoria-funded recreation program, Doing Things, which provided a range of opportunities to people with psychiatric disabilities living in the inner Melbourne suburbs of Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond.

In 1995 and 1997, Out Doors was awarded silver and bronze by the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement “in recognition of the achievement in developing and implementing their initiative of outdoor experiential learning activities to enhance physical and emotional well-being”.

Since its establishment, Out Doors has become more sophisticated in its business acumen and strategic direction without losing sight of its primary goals, mission and vision.

Out Doors also provides services to the corporate, private and community sector in the form of training, team building and wellness programs.

Feeling adventurous? To book into one of their programs or view their NDIS Services, head to the website.

We can’t wait to catch up with the team from Out Doors at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2022 Presented by Afford, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on January 18 and 19. Go and check them out and find out about their new program!



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