Q&A with Bradannii Participant Mitchell

In this exclusive Q&A, Bradannii participant Mitchell explains just what drew them to this “family-feel” organisation and how they have given back purpose and meaning to life.

1. What drew you to Bradannii as your NDIS provider, and what state are you in? What sets them apart from the rest? How many providers were you with before you found this team?

I got drawn to Bradannii as they are person-centred and I do not feel like a number with Bradannii. They have an experienced and hardworking team, dedicated to working with me.

It has a real family feel.

What sets Bradannii apart is that you don’t just feel like a number, you feel valued and cared for.

I went through three providers before coming to Bradannii and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

2. If you had to pick just one thing they do best – what would that be? How do they support you in a way no one else has?

Bradannii helps me in all areas of my life. For example I was not able to get through to the Department of Housing, however Bradannii assisted me, and the Department of Housing started to listen to me.

Bradannii takes the time to get to know you and your needs. They make me feel like I’m part of a family.

I’m able to go to football games with other participants which makes it more fun and makes me feel like they are my friends and family.

3. Would you recommend Bradannii to other participants and why?

I would absolutely recommend Bradannii to other participants. Why? Because they really care about me as a person and what my needs are and what I like to do, and they listen.

4. We’d love to learn more about you and your journey. In 100 words or so, share with us a little about yourself.

I spent many years living on my own in extreme poverty then was a consumer of the mental health rehabilitation centre where I spent two years. I tried three different providers, but they did not work out, then I went to Bradannii and my life changed for the better.

I now live in my own home with support. I struggle with dementia but can relax and enjoy my days as I am cared for daily and can do what I like every day. I am looked after in a way that I never have been before. I also love my friends that I made in the rehabilitation centre.

5. Will you be at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022? Are you taking the family? What are you looking forward to the most at the expo!?

I am going to the expo and bringing a family member. I’m looking to being able to connect with other participants at the expo.

6. Tell us, in your own words, how the team from Bradannii has changed your life, or made life easier for you.

I could go on forever on the ways Bradannii’s team has changed my life.

They gave me a purpose and meaning to my life.

They threw me a birthday party last month.

I asked my support worker if this is what family feels like and she replied yes, I asked that question because that’s what it really felt like.

To find out more about Bradannii, look for them at site #61 at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022, or visit their website https://bradannii.com.au/ for more information on their services.

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