Reynolds blasted for short community feedback and consultation periods

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Minister Senator Linda Reynolds is once again under fire for very short consultation periods about changes to the scheme.

Every Australian Counts (EAC) has blasted Senator Reynolds for giving only four weeks for public consultation on a series of more than 16 high-level legal documents outlining the proposed changes to the NDIS Act and Rules (the laws behind the NDIS).

These changes were only released at the start of October.

People with disabilities, their families, and organisations were only given four weeks to read the legislation and compare it to what we already have now, as well as comparing it to the Tune review, and working out what it all means.

EAC, and participants voiced their anger at Senator Reynolds, arguing that did not give enough time to understand the changes.

The proposed legislation changes will be looked at by the Senate Committee (Community Affairs Legislation Committee) – and this time, people with disability, families, and the organisations that support them have only two weeks to have a say.

The Committee will release a final report about it at the end of the last sitting week at Parliament House (on November 25) and then Senator Reynolds will try to get it passed by the House of Representatives then the Senate in the last sitting week of the year starting the following week.

There’s a little more info on the Senate Committee website at…/Communi…/NDISParticipantService.

If you want to share anything with the Committee you can also use the form on EAC’s website.You can say as much or as little as you’d like

This is your chance to have a say about the proposed changes before they get voted on at Parliament.

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