Sharon’s Story

Few 27 year olds run their own business. Even fewer do so in the complex NDIS marketplace. Shivjyot (Sharon) is the exception to that rule with all her passion and dedication she has run Envision Healthcare for almost 3 years and grown it to be a successful operation for the benefit solely of the people she supports.

Initially interested in interior design, it was Sharon’s father who steered her toward healthcare, seeing in her the light and compassion that is needed intrinsically to succeed in this field.

Having worked in Hospitals since she was 18 and having studied nursing and her Masters in Mental Health, Sharon’s work ethic and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives is what drives and motivates her every day.

The business is a success because it has grown organically via word of mouth based on clients’ testimonials and referrals that are the result of her vision to “Make Community a Better Place to Live” for all people.

Quality of care is paramount to how things are done and creating opportunities for experiences that enhance lives and provide optimum enjoyment.

Recently a group of children undertook a visit to a farm to feed the animals. Another group visited a chocolate factory and had the joy of trying 16 different types of chocolate, a dream day out for many!

Envision Healthcare is about to launch its own bowling league that will bring joy to the participants whilst giving them the chance to develop new skills, make new friends and grow their abilities in a social setting.

Sharon and her team are not motivated by financial gain but by the success of seeing their client’s personal development and growth as they overcome the barriers and hurdles in their way to achieve real experiences that stay with them as wonderful memories.

Envision Healthcare has a lively Facebook community that enables Sharon to share all the exciting things they are doing and is a key means of attracting new clients who are drawn to the elation and passion that is palpable amongst the clients within the social media feed.

Sharon believes firmly that providing quality care is the reward and the priority, and any financial outcomes follow naturally from that.

Envision Healthcare is a Platinum sponsor of the 2023 Melbourne Disability Connection Expo and would love to share with you their vision for your success as one of their clients.

Find out more about Envision Healthcare by visiting their booth at the Expo.

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