Taking the lead on accommodation solutions

CareChoice is a leading NDIS disability service provider with over 15 years experience. They specialise in complex service delivery to the Disability, Youth and Welfare sectors and are registered providers for NDIS, TAC, Worksafe and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

Their Rapid Hospital Discharge Program which launched in April 2020 is an example of their responsive and proactive approach.  Getting people with disabilities out of the hospital system once their need for care has passed has been a challenge for years and left people with complex disabilities languishing in hospital beds unnecessarily.

CareChoice works closely with hospitals, families and discharge professionals to help people with a disability re-enter the community and begin their journey towards finding a ‘forever home’.

They help people with a disability who are clinically ready for discharge from hospital to transition into new or temporary accommodation funded by the NDIS while providing them with the supports appropriate for their needs. They also help young people living with disabilities move out of aged care homes.

One such example is of 38-year-old Nick, and 60-year-old Craig will live in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Craig is a stroke survivor and Nick has Huntington’s disease.

These two people have received help to move out of hospital and aged care, and into a new specially designed home in Frankston. Craig has been in hospital for more than a year.

This new model of living in a SDA house with supported independent living support is life changing for people for whom there were few alternatives available.

Sadly there is low awareness of this model yet it can have such a positive impact on people with disability and their families. CareChoice wants to help people understand all the new possibilities that this new model includes, especially if the person with a disability is stuck in hospital, facing life in an aged care centre, or residing in a group home.

CareChoice are a proud Gold sponsor of the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on April 21 and 22 so come along and meet the team to learn more about their personalised approach to support and Care.

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