Welcome aboard, Fighting Chance

FIGHTING CHANCE builds social business to create a truly inclusive economy, where people with disability have unbridled access to opportunity, dignity and prosperity.

An Early Bird Exhibitor of the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2023, Fighting Chance work with people with disability to identify the barriers they face in their everyday lives and then design, build and empower sustainable social businesses to bridge these gaps.

They ask ‘WHAT IF?’ – to imagine and build a future quite different to the present, where people with disability experience limitless social and economic inclusion.

Fighting Chance identified challenges that people with disability face in their everyday lives and build sustainable businesses to bridge these gaps. We are redesigning what participation in the economy, and society, can look like so that disability is not a barrier.

So far Fighting Chance have launched four social businesses: *

  • Jigsaw (an employment pathway which prepares people for work, through work)
  • Avenue (a day program alternative where people with disability can join work and social activities)
  • Base Accommodation (a Supported Independent Living Service
  • Support Coordination service.

Operating across Australia in 13 service delivery locations, over 1000 lives have been impacted by Fighting Chances programs.

At Fighting Chance, they are committed to sharing information and resources to empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to advocate for yourself and get the most out of the NDIS.

If you would like to learn more you can connect with Fighting chance at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2023, 16-17 June, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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