Welcome aboard, Foresight Fitness

Foresight Fitness aims to equip their clients with the guidance, education and motivation to take ownership of their personal health and fitness.

An Early Bird Exhibitor for the Brisbane Disability Connection expo 2023, Foresight Fitness has a vision to make their services redundant, as they empower each and every individual to understand their body and how it responds to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Foresight Fitness believes deeper understanding will allow clients to sustain their health and performance long term.

Offering NDIS personal Training, Mitchell an Accredited Exercise Scientist and coach having his own experience with disability, has learnt how to overcome various sensory and physical challenges to build muscle, gain strength and ensure he maximised his opportunities regardless of his disability.

As a client at Foresight Fitness Mitchell wants to give you the opportunity through his lived experience to maximise your abilities and ensure you develop healthy exercise and lifestyle habits.

With Foresight Fitness’s evidence based program you can train hard knowing that every session is designed using sports science principles with your unique goals in mind.

Working by your side you can stay motivated with weekly check-ins with a coach who understands what it means to overcome a setback!

Building strength and self, through programs that focus on your abilities

  • 1 on 1 training in a safe and supportive environment to ensure you have the guidance you need to optimise your outcomes.
  • Make activities of daily living easier and build your independence through increasing your physical capacity.
  • Discover what makes your body unique as you learn how you respond to your new training plan.
  • Developing programs in collaboration with your existing allied health professionals.

Connect with the Foresight Fitness team at the Brisbane Disability Connection Expo, Friday 3 and Saturday 4 March 2023 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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