Welcome aboard, Hale Community Support

An early Bird Exhibitor for the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2023, We are happy to introduce you to Hale Community Support.

Over the past 11 years, Hale Community Support has continued to evolve within, and adapt to, the ever-changing disability landscape, both in Australia and on a global scale.

Still stylised by elements of prosperity and growth, especially family, the new logo reflects a new era for the agency, one that better represents their core values, what they do, and how they operate.

This meant finding an identity that communicated a sense of organisation and professionalism, without sacrificing the perception of friendly, approachable service especially not compromising the central elements of ‘family’, ‘faith’, ‘respect’ and ‘love’.

Whilst reluctant to depart from the belief that families provide a setting for personal growth and as an organisation who shares the values of promoting the inclusion of people with disability and safeguarding their interests, Hale still believes the central elements of a family will dismantle existing barriers so that people with disability can participate fully in their communities, to the advantage of everyone.

Hale Community Support services are based on the communal way of life that the Pacific Island people live where ‘family’, ‘faith’, ‘respect’ and ‘love’ remain the central elements of its culture.

Hales program goal is to provide a platform for families to offer each other support, develop friendships and create a fun & loving environment for people with disabilities from all different family contexts and cultural backgrounds.

Services value activity integration and in an effort to contribute to their theory of integration, They promote integrated physical education and social activities that communities enjoy.

Hale Community Support services are also linked to the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa at St Marys where more programs and activities have been developed to cater for everyone, not just a particular group. Their desire is to strengthen the carers’ network with the sense that they are a part of the wider ‘aiga’ (family).

Connect with Hale Community Support at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2023, 16-17 June, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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