What is involved in NDIS worker screening and why is it necessary?

Before starting work with any National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, prospective workers must go through a screening check to see if they are cleared to work in the disability industry.

The NDIS Worker Screening Check is an assessment of whether a person who works, or seeks to work, with people with disability poses a risk to them.

The assessment determines whether a person is cleared or excluded from working in certain roles with people with disability.

The NDIS Worker Screening Check is conducted by the Worker Screening Unit in the state or territory where a person applies for it.

The Worker Screening Unit also decides whether a person is cleared or excluded. Registered NDIS providers are required to ensure that they only engage workers who have been cleared in certain roles, called risk assessed roles.

Before the NDIS Worker Screening Check started, registered NDIS providers were required to ensure that their workers in risk assessed roles had an acceptable check that met the transitional and special arrangements that apply to the state or territory where they provide support and services.

Now, with the NDIS Worker Screening Check, registered NDIS providers may be able to continue recognising a person’s acceptable check if the person does not have an NDIS worker screening clearance.

The period of time that an acceptable check can continue to be recognised depends on the state or territory where the person provides support or services.

Visit the transitional and special arrangements page for more information.

If you are working for a self-managed participant or an unregistered provider, it is not mandatory for you to obtain an NDIS worker screening clearance or have an acceptable check under the transitional and special arrangements.

However, self-managed participants and unregistered providers can request workers who are providing support and services to demonstrate they have an NDIS worker screening clearance or an acceptable check, or request that the worker applies for one.

Workers engaged to provide NDIS support and services to registered NDIS providers, unregistered NDIS providers and self-managed participants will be able to apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check through a state or territory agency.

Each agency has a “worker screening unit”.

The worker screening unit is responsible for accepting and processing NDIS Worker Screening Check applications from workers, and will undertake risk assessments to determine whether a worker receives a clearance.

When a worker makes an application for an NDIS Worker Screening Check there will be a fee payable which is set by the state or territory in which the application is made.

For more information about how to apply for a Worker Screening Check, including application fees, visit the WSU webpage for the state or territory where you live or work:

However, there are exceptions.

Secondary school students on a formal work experience placement with a registered NDIS provider do not need an NDIS worker screening clearance or acceptable check to be engaged in a risk assessed role.

This is provided they are directly supervised by another worker who has an NDIS worker screening clearance, or who has an acceptable check.

Depending on the laws in each state or territory, a worker may begin working in a risk assessed role once they have submitted an application for an NDIS Worker Screening Check, but before they have been granted a clearance.

In these circumstances, registered NDIS providers must ensure that the worker is appropriately supervised by a person with an NDIS worker screening clearance.

It is not sufficient for the person to be supervised by someone that only has an acceptable check.

Registered NDIS providers must develop and maintain a satisfactory written risk management plan for protecting people with disability while a worker or any other personnel is in the process of obtaining a clearance.

Further, registered NDIS providers should check the requirements in each state and territory in which they deliver NDIS support and services, as some states and territories do not permit a worker to commence employment until they hold a clearance.

However, if the person being engaged by a registered NDIS provider in a risk assessed role has applied for an NDIS Worker Screening Check and also has an acceptable check under the relevant state and territory transitional and special arrangements, the registered NDIS provider does not need to meet the above requirements.

To read more about the screening process, visit Worker screening requirements.

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