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Yooralla is one of Victoria’s oldest not-for-profit disability service providers, serving the community for more than 100 years.

Started in 1918, Yooralla lives up to the Aboriginal meaning of its name “place of love”.

Today, it supports people with a disability of all ages and needs in their homes and the community with quality services.

The company can not only answer and provide solutions to all your NDIS questions and concerns, it also provides assistance from in-home care to assisted accommodation and social and community care and everything in between.

At Yooralla, they believe that more must be done to support equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

They are committed to change within our organisation to support reconciliation and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both as an employer and a service provider.

Yooralla knows everyone is different. That’s why they offer a wide range of high quality services that are designed to empower you to live the life you choose.

They can help with:


The team includes physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and teachers. We also have nurses to support complex medical needs.

Specialist children’s supports

Supporting children with developmental delay and disability, and their families. Yooralla provides specialist therapies and early intervention.

Support coordination

Assisting people to implement their NDIS plan, and coordinate all of their NDIS supports.

Community hubs

Opportunities to make friends, learn life skills and participate in activities, such as gardening or getting out into the community.

Life skills

Supporting the development of independent living skills, such as healthy eating and training to travel independently.


Various activities ranging from social groups, camps, daily outings and more.

Assistance with daily living

Supporting people with activities including showering, going shopping or getting to an appointment.


Providing longer-term specialist disability accommodation, to support independent living.

Respite accommodation

Supporting people at home and in our short-term accommodation, and allowing carers to take a break.

Communication and assistive technology

Enhancing lifestyle and communication through information about, and access to, assistive technologies and equipment.

Job skills and employment pathways

Supporting people to develop job skills, and to get a job or to volunteer.

Navigating the NDIS

Free one-on-one discussions and information guides on the NDIS.

Positive behaviour support

Supporting high and complex needs with positive and proactive engagement. Yooralla specialises in providing support to children and adults with disability who present with behaviour of concern. This sort of support focuses on increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern.

Yooralla is a disability specialist.

The team of experts provide high quality, evidence-based support for people with high and complex needs.

They provide holistic support and training to people with a disability and their support networks.

Yoralla has specialty skills in Autism Spectrum Disorder, dual diagnosis, functional communication, sensory processing and acquired brain injury.

The team has a demonstrated record in the reduction of restrictive interventions at both an individual and organisational level, with behaviour support plans evaluated as being high in quality by the Behaviour Support Plan Quality Evaluation tool (BSP_QEII).

Yooralla provides services across all ages, stages and needs, to ensure the person with disability receives the services they need at the time and place they need them.

The team can work with the person presenting with behaviour of concern and their support network to:

  • Develop strategies that build on the person’s strengths and are based on developing positive relationships, communication and coping skills, and on addressing health, environmental and other impacting factors, and
  • Determine the reasons for a behaviour of concern and provide targeted strategies on how to support the person to decrease their reliance on that behaviour to have their needs met.

Since COVID-19 has changed the way all businesses operate, Yooralla now offers Together@Yooralla – an online program where participants can learn new skills, engage in fun activities and meet new friends – without leaving home.

It is based on Yooralla’s successful Community Hub model and is a place where your needs and interests can be catered for in a safe and supported online environment.

The Yooralla story started in 1918 with one woman who was determined to make a difference to the lives of others.

Evangeline Ireland (Sister Faith) found a young girl with disability penned inside a chicken coop – she had been left there while her parents were at work.

Like many working class parents, the child’s mother and father had no access to welfare or support services. Back then times were different; the Education Department didn’t cater for children with a disability.

Moved and distressed by the little girl’s circumstances, Miss Ireland established a free kindergarten in inner-suburban Melbourne for children with a disability.

The kindergarten was named “Yooralla” – an Aboriginal word meaning “place of love”.

To find out more about how the team can support you or the person you care for, download the Yooralla services flyer,

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