Your Health is EVERYONE’S priority at disability expo

That is why we, at Developing Australian Communities, will be forging ahead with our Disability Connection Expos this year.

We will be bending over backwards to ensure all of our Disability Connection Expos this year will be COVID-safe havens for everyone.

Just like a trip to the doctors, shopping centres or travelling on public transport – participants and their carers are desperately needing a space that is safe and that’s why we have made doubly-sure our events are exactly that.

With Melbourne a week away, Sydney in less than a month, Brisbane at the start of March and Perth in May, we have prioritised the wellbeing of all visitors and exhibitors.

Because we work in the disability sector we know how vulnerable people living with disabilities are and we know how important it is that we pull out all the stops to do whatever we possibly can to ensure the venue will be a safe environment.

We understand the confusion and worry surrounding COVID and your concern about such a large event but the disability sector can be assured the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2022 on January 18 and 19, and all of our expos to follow, will adhere to strict COVID-19 regulations and protocols.

That is the EXACT reason why we have booked a larger (10,000 sq metre) venue in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Know that all exhibitors are double-COVID-vaccinated (they can’t be at the event if they are not) and that visitors, providers and entertainers will NOT be on top of each other: venues are large enough so participants, their carers and family members can socially distance themselves in comfort: you won’t need to squeeze past people to get to booths or watch the fun!

Also, with vaccination rates above 90%* for eligible Australians, this allows life to move along.

Our sanitisation sponsor, Microguard Australia, has all your hygiene needs covered with hand sanitation stations throughout the venue. For peace of mind, we’ll also have dedicated first aid officers in attendance and stringent regular cleaning through all of our expo venues.

Developing Australian Communities co-founder and director River Night (with his 27 years experience in the sector) is confident everyone will be in safe hands.

River and his team will all be there but he is quick to point out that all staff are fully vaccinated and any contact will be casual.

“Every exhibitor at the expo knows just how important COVID safety is to people living with disabilities,” River said.

“It’s a really safe event: I know myself. I will be going down there, hanging out at the hotel and I will be at the expo.”

“It will be casual contact, not close contact we will be having with people so there’s minimal risk.”

“I feel more comfortable going to the expo and spending time at the expo than I do going to the local shops or supermarkets or other places.”

“No one will be there if they are sick because everyone there will know just how important this is. As everyone attending appreciates the situation, everyone’s health will be at the top of their minds.”

Your safety, and that of all visitors, is paramount and we want you to enjoy your experience while making meaningful connections and discovering vital goods and services!

Our expos will be your safe haven!

To help you stay up to date, here’s the direct link to the Victorian Government COVID-19 contact checklist.

Playing Our Part

There are about 500,000 NDIS participants around the country who still need service providers. Of that number, many participants only received their first approved plans in the past two years and they are desperate to connect with around 10,000 providers.

Being fresh to the Scheme, these participants have burning NDIS questions and funds they are desperate to spend before they lose them.

That is why we have decided to forge ahead with our Disability Connection Expos this year: The need to connect providers and their goods and services to participants starved of options and choice has never been more critical.

Without events such as our expos providers – both NDIS-registered and unregistered – the impact has the potential to damage businesses and for participants to risk losing their funding and, worse, support and quality of life as well as choice and control over their plans.

Everyone is looking for ways to reconnect and get on with life in these uncertain times.

Forget community events such as sporting carnivals or music festivals where there’s little or no control – come to our expos where we have your health and safety in our hearts.

Even though vaccination numbers are fantastic, the reality is community transmissions are now a fact of life, so we need to create safe spaces for people living with disabilities so they can connect with people and providers again.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to connecting with you at the expo!

There’s still time to register as a visitor or exhibitor to join in the fun. Head to to stay up-to-date.

As well as a special NDIS Q&A Concierge Desk manned by experts and a special app so you can plan your visit or pre-book appointments, we’ve got:

  • Balloon artists
  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Community Entertainment zone with regular 1-2 interactive performances every hour!

All across five entertainment zones!

Fun for everyone of all ages so bring the kids, bring Mum, Dad, Carers, Guardians and have fun in a COVID-safe environment!

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