Complex Needs? Not a problem with LinkAssist.

Cindy (not her real name) was facing homelessness, mental health challenges, and problematic behaviours that were obstructing her ability to live a fulfilling life. She had been turned away by several service providers who found her behaviours too challenging to handle, leaving her in a state of despair. Cindy ended up spending extended periods in the hospital with no other options available to her, which was detrimental to her well-being and the hospital system struggling to meet the high demand for beds.

Despite having a long history of police involvement in her case, no one had been able to support Cindy in overcoming her daily challenges, resulting in poor outcomes and temporary solutions. Despite multiple rejections by other service providers, LinkAssist felt confident in their ability to work with a client with such complexity and began working with Cindy to help her break the cycle of police interventions and hospitalizations.

LinkAssist has now been working with Cindy for three years, and they have developed a plan to help her manage her challenges as they arise in a way that doesn’t escalate to the extremes they had previously experienced. LinkAssist has built a strong and lasting relationship with Cindy, supporting her to live her best life and achieve her maximum potential.

LinkAssist does not shy away from the challenge of difficult behaviours and has the knowledge and strategies to manage these while also helping clients to reach their goals and build resilience and capacity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the LinkAssist team at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo on the 21st and 22nd of April. Register now to learn how LinkAssist can help you or your loved one overcome challenges and live their best life. If you would like to meet the LinkAssist team on a social basis and get to know their team, join them for a BBQ later on this year in August.

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