Leading disability advocate applauds those aspiring to provide quality disability housing in a market saturated with forced NDIS group homes and poor designs

Leading National Advocate, Mr River Night is applauding a new development in Queensland and those like it, now giving people with a disability in Australia a solution to what he describes as ‘“forced, systemic re-institutionalisation” through a market flooded with “rubbish SDA housing and designs, that focus on maximum investor return in exchange for forced group home living.

“With SDA housing being approved for less than 5% of the 500 000+ NDIS participants in Australia, it does very little to solve anything in terms of Australia’s rental and accommodation crisis for people with disability. With more than 95% of NDIS participants not eligible or likely to be approved for SDA housing and extremely few public housing options, the sector has to create and deliver solutions like this while we wait for the machines of Government to catch up”, said Mr Night.

Mr Night explained, “in this current rental market and housing crisis, this type of service provider driven and funded option is one of the few ways people living with disability can access accommodation, let alone find somewhere they don’t have to swap privacy and dignity for a roof over their head.

“Unlike Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) which is funded for less than 5% of those accessing NDIS, these residences are being delivered by working closely with builders, and ensuring designs allow for more independence within a normalised accommodation model.

Leading NDIS registered provider Aspire Hub is changing the way people with disabilities live with the completion of 15 new purpose-built, self-contained studio apartments custom-built for SIL and ILO in south west Brisbane.

The unique residences offer independent living, with private bathrooms and kitchens, while also eliminating isolation by encouraging social interaction through fully furnished common areas including a shared kitchen and dining, living areas and backyard.

“We have been using this model for some time at various locations with great success. We are very excited to see the completion of these new apartments in Darra which we anticipate to be in high demand,” said Cherryl Joseph, Aspire Hub Co-Founder and Director of Operations.

“This model of supported independent living is something we have offered clients for some time and we have received such great feedback, with many of those residences now at full occupancy.”

“We believe everyone deserves the right to enjoy freedom and independence within their home, which is why we’re passionate about innovating and finding new solutions to improve our clients’ lives.”

“With the inclusion of dedicated living quarters for carers and wheelchair accessibility for select apartments, the design of these homes reflects an innovative approach to disability support, prioritising independence, freedom and choice. Collaborating with the chosen builder, customising the design of the new properties to suit participants’ needs, the partnership has been a key driver to delivering a better experience for people living with disability.” Said Ms Joseph.

“The design of the homes is quite unique and allows for our participants to increase their independence with space to develop life skills such as cooking and washing while still encouraging interaction through shared living areas.

“This type of accommodation complements a shared living arrangement funded by the NDIS without having the need for specialist accommodation. We’re so excited to be offering this new living arrangements to our participants which is just one of the ways we’re striving to innovate and find new solutions.

“Aspire Hub is now taking expressions of interest for the 15 self-contained apartments located in the south-west suburb of Darra, which are anticipated to be available in late-March 2023, said Ms Joseph.

“Since 2020, Aspire Hub has offered disability housing and living supports to NDIS participants in south east Queensland and they are expanding operations to Western Australia in 2022.

“Aspire Hub continues to offer an increasing range of demand driven, person-centred disability supports to participants with low to high needs including short to medium-term accommodation, community nursing services, social and community participation and child safety residential care.

Valerie, one of Aspire Hub’s clients stated that, “We were able to get in touch with Aspire Hub and that contact has changed our everyday markedly and we don’t feel like we are unsupported. We have taken advantage of the opportunity to have a break (respite) from our everyday. The carers are awesome, kind, thoughtful, considerate and read your needs so well. It is refreshing to experience such a positive and ‘can do’ attitude. I am grateful to Aspire Hub for being so careful with their staff selection, they certainly have the right people in their organisation, representing the core values that are Aspire.”

“Currently supporting more than 100 participants across two states, Aspire Hub aims to raise the standards of disability support by delivering exceptional person-centric care and support to communities in need,” stated Mrs Joseph.

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