Welcome aboard, Empowering Care

Empowering Care is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider, dedicated to creating a safe environment for all NDIS participants.

An Early Bird Exhibitor for the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2023, Empowering Care encourages participants to live their life to the fullest, whilst providing dedicated support to cater to their individual needs, wants, and desires.

Empowering Care believes that irrespective of your circumstances, life is meant to be lived freely and comfortably and their services make such a life accessible to you.

Their aim is to pave the way for a lifestyle where your personal, professional, and social self will find scope for growth and development.

The goal at Empowering Care is to empower all participants to have choice and control over how their services are delivered. They provide a holistic approach to enhance every aspect of a person’s life in a way that echoes values of compassion, inclusivity, and empathy.

Services include

  • Assistance with Personal Activities
  • Daily tasks/Shared Living
  • Household Tasks
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • SIL
  • Development – Life Skills
  • Assistance Personal Activities – High
  • Group/Centre Activities
  • Short/Medium Term Accomodation (Respite)
  • Community Participation
  • Assist – Travel/Transport

Empowering Care pride themselves on adhering to all legislative requirements set out by the NDIS.

Empowering Care will be one of the leading NDIS service providers in the Western region. Every individual will be supported and encouraged to live to their fullest potential, without discrimination or prejudice.

Empowering Care’s aim is to provide quality care, which is directed by you and provide opportunities for engagement within your community.

You can meet the team from Empowering Care at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of April 2023, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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