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There are many ways people can make a difference in each other’s lives. We can give more than we receive. We can hold space for someone going through trauma. We can simply let a person know we care.

Support Care Angels are a team of experienced and attentive experts who have the capacity to do all of this and bring smiles to the faces of all the lives they touch.  This year, that will be thousands of lives they touch, as we welcome them as our Ask An NDIS Expert Support Hub Sponsor for the Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2023 – Sponsored by Holistic Horizons.

Support Care Angels is an NDIS Registered provider that came into fruition when its founders saw a gap in services for NDIS participants on Brisbane’s Northside. They now offer a wide range of personal care services you can rely on. Support Care Angels help support you in your daily activities and thrive every day.

Support Care Angels offer a wide range of services, such as short-term accommodation Respite, Before and After School Care, Social Support and Community Access, Personal Care and Medication Assist, Medical Visits and other Appointments support, General Cleaning, and Lawn Mowing and Maintenance.

Their Respite that’s located in Carseldine, which is called Purple Dream House, has become a second home to a family of children and young adults who need the type of specialised support not usually found in traditional after-school and weekend care settings. It’s a non-formal Respite setting where the residents can be themselves, learn daily-life skills, make friends, be safe, and feel at home.

In Support Care Angels, they understand that your health is a top priority to keep you living the best life, which is why they offer a Personal Training service to help build your capacity, improve and maintain your fitness.

There are also activities anyone is welcome to join – the Art Class runs on Thursday every week and they organize group outing to the Zoo, Lone Pine or to play bowling. All these fun activities are run through its Respite, Purple Dream House.

NDIS participants are certain to find the ideal services and support care person to help them be the best they can be and live their happiest life each and every day.

This is home and personal care you can trust.

Support Care Angels – it’s great to have you as our Ask An NDIS Expert Support Hub Sponsor at Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2023!



Ph 07 3162 6512
Mobile 0423 052 107


147 Dorville Road, Carseldine, North Brisbane 4034 Queensland


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