The Reaching Abilities Story

Two friends, Sel and Oz, commenced working in the disability sector in Western Australia in 2021. They then established Reaching Abilities, a registered NDIS provider, along with Nesrin, who is married to one of the men. All three are passionate about the disability sector and determined to assist clients to live their best life. They say that, “Reaching Abilities is all about family. It is their family experience of disability that led to the establishment of the organisation and family is at the forefront of how we approach the delivery of support and care.” Nesrin and one of the men had prior experiences with family and friends who were experiencing disabilities, hence they have lived the experience and truly understand the realities for a person with a disability as well as their family and carers.

They say their “mission is to empower, encourage and enable people who have disabilities to enhance their quality of life with dignity and respect.” Their aim is to be a one-stop shop when it comes to NDIS support and offering participants a complete package of care.

Reaching Abilities covers a broad range of services: supported independent living, short term accommodation and respite, medium term accommodation, community participation, plan management, support coordination, in-home support, and early childhood support.  Each of their homes is run by a core team so clients become very comfortable with all their support workers. They offer clients in-home support, cooking classes, early childhood support, allied health and house cleaning.

They are currently working with and seeking additional Support Coordinators in the Sydney area and aspire to establish more in-home care, increased housing, additional allied health and domestic cleaning services there.

Sel and Oz say “what sets us apart from other providers is the fact that we continually talk about all we do. We always sit down and brainstorm on what we can do better. We want to do the very best we can do.” Nesrin adds that “we keep close to all our participants and our team as well.” Their team “goes out of our way to help every participant.” They agree that their team “would work to do whatever needs to be done.”

Meet this team who are passionate about what they do by visiting their booth at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo on 16th and 17th June 2023.

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