We are excited to announce West Australia’s NeuFocus has joined us as a valued Gold Sponsor at the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022!

If you’re an adult or have a child that has trouble with social cues or problem-solving, NeuFocus can help.

A National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, NeuFocus is fast becoming Australia’s most innovative and groundbreaking learning disability centre.

A finalist in the 2021 Australian Disability Awards, NeuFocus aims to make learning easier using the scientifically proven Arrowsmith™ Program.

According to NeuFocus director Joanne Dickenson, the Arrowsmith Program’s approach to learning problems delves into what causes the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.

Essentially it helps people strengthen their cognitive skills to overcome their learning disorders, so they can start to participate fully in our literate and numerate society.

NeuFocus is based in Perth and Joanne absolutely loves her work “helping to strengthen a person’s capacity to learn so they can be the independent and capable learner they were born to be”.

NeuFocus offers programs to make learning easier for:

  • People with Dyslexia
  • People with ADD diagnoses
  • People with Dyscalculia
  • People with an Autism diagnosis
  • People who want to be successful
  • People aged 6 – 106

Joanne has an extensive background as both a psychologist and a teacher. She also undertook a Master’s degree to further understand learning difficulties in children.

Her studies made her realise that even at that level of study, there was very little teaching about or understanding of developmental issues and learning problems – let alone what a teacher can do to help with them.

She said it seemed the education system was only set up for those without a learning problem, yet there are credible estimates that 15% of the population do have such a problem.

After reading about the Arrowsmith™ Program, Joanne did her own investigations and was amazed by the seemingly miraculous changes in people’s lives that had occurred. This was something she just had to find out more about.

She trained as an Arrowsmith Program teacher and has dedicated herself to helping children and their families, for whom learning problems are an issue.

“NeuFocus is a ground-breaking learning disability centre that helps people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, ADD and other learning disabilities by delivering the Arrowsmith™ Program,” she said.

“We help parents and carers better understand their child’s needs and we help adults with disabilities find the confidence and skills they need to live an independent life.”

“I have become very aware of the pain that learning disorders cause.”

“Children think they are ‘dumb’ because they can’t learn and might withdraw or become ‘behaviourally challenged’.”

“Adolescents develop mental health issues because they struggle so much at school and are told – ‘just concentrate a bit more/try harder’ as though it is their fault that they cannot learn, not the fault of the teacher who cannot teach them.”

“Adults have missed out on reaching their potential because they are either not as literate and numerate as they need to be, or because their executive functioning is not well developed enough for them to plan, manage themselves and understand the workplace.”

“All of these things are now unnecessary, because now we know how to help people with these problems.”

This West Australian NDIS-registered provider has had enormous success with its programs: don’t just take their word for it – read testimonials and success stories from some of their happy clients!

Want to know more? Joanne is offering a free no-obligation 30-minute mind assessment at NeuFocus.

Simply click the link above to fill in your details and you’ll be sent an email showing areas that need some help. Just send it on to the NeuFocus team and they’ll contact you for a chat about how they can individualise a program just for YOU.

People of all ages can access this program, no matter where they are.

“It is a privilege to facilitate it for people and a delight to watch them progress as their brain changes to make them more capable, stronger learners,” Joanne said.

“It is incredible to me to walk beside someone and watch as they develop their underlying cognitive skills and become more aware of the world, gain independence and enable their potential.”

Wow! We can’t wait to find out more about the Arrowsmith™ Program and talk further to Joanne when the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022, Presented by St. Judes NDIS, kicks off at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 12 and 13.

It’s not too late to register for FREE as a visitor!



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